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Disputes may arise among homeowners in Bristol Lakes and the enforcement of our Rules and regulations by the Management Co and or the Board of Directors.  The issues are varied - landscaping, noisy teenagers, vandalism, unpaid maintenance fees, dog owners not respecting front lawns, encroachment on common areas, etc.  The possibilities for neighborhood disputes are endless.  Parties to a conflict may include neighbor/neighbor, homeowners/Board or homeowners/management Company.


The Board of Directors having determined that it is in the best interest of all concerned to encourage the amicable resolution of disputes (grievances) without the emotional and financial cost of litigation, has established a grievance hearing procedure and  the grievance committee in order to resolve any future disputes. The Grievance Committee is by law, a group of HOA members which cannot be Board members or members of a Board Members Family that will be empowered by the board to resolve issues and mediate fines.  The grievance committee established by the Board can assist in managing conflicts that have escalated beyond resolution through friendly reminders notices sent from our Management Company. The homeowner dispute resolution hearing format will set the tone for helpful communication and a positive discussion of issues.


The Board's grievance hearing rule will require the parties to share a written statement of issues and any documents prior to the hearing.  In some circumstances, the disputing parties may be able to resolve their differences before or immediately after the hearing, eliminating the need for a written report from the Grievance Committee.


This grievance procedure does not in any way alter an individual’s right to enter into legal procedures upon completion of the grievance proceedings.

Guidelines for Grievance Hearing January 24, 2020
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Bristol Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc.

January 2020


Grievance Committee Procedures:

In accordance with FL Statutes and HOA Bylaws, The Bristol Lakes HOA Board has set up a Grievance Committee. The Grievance Committee is composed of three members and one alternate member, all four may be in attendance. They are all residents of Bristol Lakes with no relation to the Bristol Lakes Board.


The process of fining is as follows:

Violations are noted in the community and letters are sent out.

Some violations are what the Board has determined to be “immediate violations” and cannot be corrected. These would be things like parking overnight on the street, trash/yard waste placed out to early the day before or failure to take trash cans in the day of trash pickup.

Other violations that could have been corrected but were not, examples are things like dirty roofs, dirty driveways, hurricane shutters closed, or failure to provide and ARB application for exterior work and various lawn/property maintenance issues to name a few.

After due notice to the resident that is in violation, the Board considers and votes on fines for the various type of violations. The Board recommends the fines they voted on to the Grievance Committee who can decide to sustain or reject the fine. The Board vote is conducted in a public regularly scheduled Board meeting that homeowners can attend.


You have received the attached letter because the Board has recommended a fine for a violation at your residence. You have the right to communicate with the Grievance Committee and tell them why you feel you should not be fined.


You can do this by appearing at the Grievance Hearing at the date & time on the attached letter. If you wish to appear before the Grievance Committee you must advise Lisa Teets, your Property Manager 5 days prior to your scheduled Hearing. If you fail to advise Lisa Teets by that date you will forfeit your right to appear in person.


However, you may also communicate with the Grievance Committee via letter or email. Your letters should be addressed to Lisa Teets, LCAM, Campbell Property Management, and 9897 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, FL 33467. Emails may be sent to: All correspondence must be received by our Property Manager at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled Grievance Hearing. Ms. Teets will assure that all correspondence received in a timely manner is available for the Grievance Committee to review.


Should you elect to attend the meeting, in addition to you notifying the Property Manager as described above, the following rules apply:

  1. You must arrive at the meeting location promptly. By failing to arrive on time you may forfeit your right to appear before the Grievance Committee.
  2. Once you have presented your side as to why you believe you should not be fined you must be immediately leave the meeting location. You cannot wait to hear the discussion and the decision rendered.
  3. The Grievance Committee will not announce their decision the day of the meeting. You will be notified by mail within 10 days of the date of the Hearing of the outcome.
  4. No other resident is to speak or interfere with the resident presenting their position to the Grievance Committee. Anyone doing so will be asked to leave the room immediately and will forfeit their right to appear before the Grievance Committee.
  5. The Grievance Committee decision is final. Neither the Board or the resident can appeal the Grievance Committee’s decision. 
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