Our 2021-2022 Board and Committee Members


Photos to be published soon. All are the same positions except Stu Landau has resigned and Craig Chhen has replaced him as Director at Large

Board of Directors

Gary Nordmark, President

7303 Brunswick Circle

The President shall be the chief officer of the Association. He shall have all of the powers and duties that are usually vested in the office of president of an association.


Jennifer Sullum, Vice President

7027 Brunswick Circle

Vice President is asked to oversee and be in charge of any special projects for the Association and oversee certain committees while serving on the Board. The Vice President remains flexible, ready to pitch in, not only in the President’s absence but in whatever capacity that can contribute to help keep things operating smoothly.

Joel Fein, Treasurer 

8871Georgetown Lane

The treasurer is the custodian of the funds, securities and financial records of the association. When the association has a manager or management company that actually handles the funds on a daily basis, the treasurer's duties will include overseeing the appropriate people to insure that the financial records and reports are properly kept and maintained. Unless the by-laws otherwise specify, the treasurer is responsible for coordinating the development of the proposed annual budget and for preparing and giving the annual financial report on the financial status of the association. The treasurer will ultimately be responsible for insuring that the financial records of the association have been maintained properly in accordance with sound accounting practices.

Ed Fennell, Secretary

7465 Brunswick Cir.


The secretary of the association is responsible for keeping and maintaining a record of all meetings of the Board and membership and is the custodian for most of the official records of the association  

The secretary also maintains bulletin board with notices of every Board Meeting and any other information that is useful to the committee. He/she will reserve the meeting room and notify all Board members as well as the Management Co. He/she will review printed minutes of the previous meeting provided from the Management Co.

Maintain an internal directory (coordinate with MGT CO.) Owners, Renters, address, phone, and email address. He/she will also send community alerts by email blast when necessary and maintain Aberdeen Phone Directory Yearly.

He/she will maintain gate records (access & phone directory) and call or email Gate Company as needed for repairs as well as email Gate Company to add or delete bar codes and cards. He/she will also replace and order new bar codes and supplies from gate co as needed as well as respond to residents phone calls and email request.

Maintain security system as needed, review security system when damaged has been noted.

 Director at Large 

Craig Cohen


The Director at Large does not have any official duties. His job is to observe and imput to Board meetings and in case of a tie vote his vote would break the tie.

Craig Cohen, Director at Large (CCCohen65@gmail.com

Management Company

Campbell Property Management

Suite 304

9897 Lake Worth RD

Lake Worth, FL 33467

Phone # Lisa Teets 561-425-6085   e-mail lteets@campbellproperty.com

Maria Ingrassia 561-432-2181  mingrassia@campbellproperty.com

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