Grievance Committee

Ed Katz, Chair  Sally McEllin, Craig Cohen, Sunny Teller


Disputes may arise among homeowners in Bristol Lakes and the enforcement of our Rules and regulations by the Management Co and or the Board of Directors.  The issues are varied - landscaping, noisy teenagers, vandalism, unpaid maintenance fees, dog owners not respecting front lawns, encroachment on common areas, etc.  The possibilities for neighborhood disputes are endless.  Parties to a conflict may include neighbor/neighbor, homeowners/Board or homeowners/management Company.


The Board of Directors having determined that it is in the best interest of all concerned to encourage the amicable resolution of disputes (grievances) without the emotional and financial cost of litigation, has established a grievance hearing procedure and  the grievance committee in order to resolve any future disputes. The Grievance Committee is by law, a group of HOA members which cannot be Board members or members of a Board Members Family that will be empowered by the board to resolve issues and mediate fines.  The grievance committee established by the Board can assist in managing conflicts that have escalated beyond resolution through friendly reminders notices sent from our Management Company. The homeowner dispute resolution hearing format will set the tone for helpful communication and a positive discussion of issues.


The Board's grievance hearing rule will require the parties to share a written statement of issues and any documents prior to the hearing.  In some circumstances, the disputing parties may be able to resolve their differences before or immediately after the hearing, eliminating the need for a written report from the Grievance Committee.


This grievance procedure does not in any way alter an individual’s right to enter into legal procedures upon completion of the grievance proceedings.

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