Architectural Review Committee

Ed Katz, 7338 Brunswick Cir, 561-732-1322, 

Craig Cohen, 7254 Brunswick Cir., 561-737-3704,


The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for ensuring that all new improvements within the Bristol Lakes community adhere to those standards that have been established over the years. It is our job to objectively review all submitted applications and to treat all requests fairly and in a timely manner. We are in the process of trying to stream line the current process to an electronic one and make it user friendly.  When improvements are to be made to a residents home it is necessary to file an ARC (Bristol Lakes) and or ARB (Aberdeen Architectural Board) request, it protects both the homeowner and the community while you prepare for your new project. It also protects you from any possible problems with your neighbors, since they sign the paperwork prior to your submission of it to the ARC or ARB.


The requests that are under the jurisdiction of our Bristol Lakes ARC are:

a.   Residential unit house numbers

b.   Mailboxes

c.   Residential outer doors, storm screen doors, front door screened entrance enclosures

d.   Placement of satellite dishes not to exceed one meter in diameter

e.   Color of paint for residential units, outbuildings, recreational facilities and trash can enclosiers

f.    Driveway surfacing treatment

g.   Addition of gutters and leaders

h.   Changes to Landscaping surronding your home.


All other work being performed is subject to further approval by the Aberdeen POA/ARB


It is important to submit all the necessary paperwork (proof of insurance, license, survey, description of work, diagrams, samples, etc.) at the time you submit the request. Paperwork is immediately disseminated to all members of the committee so that it can be reviewed and you are given an answer on your project. All ARB requests will be made subject at a HOA monthly Meeting.


(See Requests for Approvals Tab on left And below for the ARC/ARB form.)

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