Landscape Committee

John Bowser, Chair, Anne Fennell, Doug Besecker

Landscape Committee

John Bowser Chair, Doug Besecker, Anne Fennell


What the Landscape Committee Does

The purpose of the Landscape Committee is to make Bristol Lakes an attractive community for both the residents and potential home buyers.   To accomplish this, lawns, shrubs, and trees must be well maintained.   The lawns must be green and well-manicured, trees and shrubs must be properly trimmed.


To ensure a beckoning appearance, the committee works with a professional landscape company, hired by the HOA Board of Directors, to schedule mowing, trimming, fertilization, pest control, and irrigation system checks.  The committee also follows up with inspections to make sure all the work is completed properly and on time.


An important task of the Landscape committee is to work with home owners to resolve their landscape and irrigation issues.  The committee makes sure work orders and applications for landscape change approvals are completed in a timely manner.  Landscape changes must be in harmony with the overall appearance of the adjacent neighborhood neighbors.


Work Orders

The landscape committee urges Bristol Lakes home owners to continue using the landscape work order form posted on the Bristol Lakes Website ( to resolve their landscape and irrigation problems. A copy of the work order goes immediately to the landscape committee for review. It is then assigned a number, and is forwarded to our landscaper for completion. The progress of the work required can be tracked by this number.  The work order system gives the committee capability to address your issue quickly.  The work order form should be used for landscaping issues only.


2018 Review

In 2018 we completed the work on our front entrance.  Additional shrubs were planted, a flagpole was installed, and a drain was installed to remove standing water on the west side of the entrance road. We hired TSM to maintain the landscaping at the front entrance.  They will trim the shrubs periodically and make sure the irrigation system is working properly.  Anne Fennell has joined the Landscape committee and will work with TSM in updating the plantings as needed and making sure the maintenance is done as contracted.


2019 Goals

The biggest goal in 2019 is to renew our landscape contract. Our current contract ends in 2019.  We will write a request for quotation and obtain competitive bids.

The other item is to resolve the standing water issue on the east side of the entrance road.  We want to do this at a reasonable cost and have a positive result. n addition to improving the front entrance we had issues with Comcast.  Installation of fiber optics cable created sunken areas and areas that need to be re-sodded.  We will continue to work with Comcast in 2019 to get these problems corrected.




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