Download the ARC/ARB Form below and fill out completely

Where to submit your ARC/ARB request

After filling your form (These are the same for the ARB/ARC) and getting the neighbors signature plus all other necessary information described below, please deliver the package to Bristol Lakes ARC Chairs

Edward Katz 7338 Brunswick Circle...

Craig Cohen 7254 Brunswick Circle....

What you will need for an ARC/ARB Appl;uication
May 2021 Revised ARB application (2).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.9 MB]
Application to submit your application
May 2021 Revised ARB application (1).pdf
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New MAY 2021 Aberdeen POA Architecural Application And Standards



As of 2-1-2021 all forms submitted must be in PDF format. Any other type such as JPEG etc, will be returned. Please pass this on to your contractor who will be supplying your information.


The Architectural Control Board process the applications in the order they are received. All applications must be signed and approved by your Village prior to submission to the POA or the package will be returned to the homeowner. The ARB procedure is as follows:


1. Be sure the following materials are included with your request: lf submitting electronically only 1 copy (PDF format) is required, if a paper (hard copy) application is submitted,


2 copies Of the required information is necessary.

a. copies of proposed architectural improvement/replacement application

b. copies of your property survey marking dimensions and location of your improvement

c. copies of contractors Certificates of Insurance for Liability and Workers' Compensation Coverages, contractors Occupation License

d. copies of NOA's (Notice Of Acceptance) if applicable

e. copies of the signed contract f. Neighbor's signatures (each side) - lf the neighbor is unavailable, so state with explanation (i.e., snowbird, away. If the neighbor refuses enter "refused"


1. Every Aberdeen resident who desires to modify or refurbish the exterior of his unit and/or the grounds immediately surrounding the unit must complete an ARE Request on the appropriate form supplied to each Homeowners Association by the POA Property Manager, Canpbell Property Management. (561) 432-2703.


2. The ARE Request is submitted to and reviewed by each respective Homeowners Association, Architectural Review Committee designated by the President of the Homeowners Association Board of Directors. Certain ARB requests, listed below, can be approved solely by the ARC. All others are forwarded to the POA Architectural Review Board for final determination, regardless of the action taken by the local ARC. ARE Requests that fall under thejurisdiction of the local ARC's include:

a. Landscaping of individual residential units and community common areas

b. Residential unit house numbers

c. Mailboxes

d. Residential unit outer doors, storm/screen doors, front door and screened entrance enclosures

e. Placement of satellite dishes not to exceed one meter in diameter including screening landscaping treathent

f. Color of paint for residential units, outbuildings, recreational facilities and trash can enclosures

9. Driveway surfacing treatments

h. Addition of gutters and leaders


3. The POA-ARE may approve, disapprove or return the ARE Request to the local ARC for further consideration, additional information or clarification. The Applicant and the concerned Homeowner's Association are formally notified of the results of the POA- ARE reviewed by Campbell Property Management.


4. In almost all instances, the POA-ARE will accept the decision of the local ARC. In rare cases, after a thorouch investigation, the POA-ARE may override the ARC decision due to extraordinary circumstances as determined by the POA -ARB. Homeowners may appeal the decision of the POA-ARE by contacting the President of the POA and requesting an appearance before the POA Advisory Board to present their arguments. The decision of the POA Advisory Board is final.


5 , In reviewing the ARE requests, the POA-ARE will be looking for the following required information:

a. The name of the applicant's community.

b. Signature of applicant submitting the request.

c. Action and sign off by local ARC.

d. Acknowledgement of neighbors residing on each side of the applicant.

e. A site plan of the applicarit's property indicating the residence, lot lines and outlining the area of work. Some older East residents may not have Developers supplied site plan. They should furnish a sketch showing the required information.

f. A complete description and sketch clearly indicating the work to be done

9. Data showing the product meets or exceeds Miami Bade and Palm Beach County Code Requirements. Also known as Notice of Acceptance (NOA), this applies to hurricane related modifications, i.e., hurricane shutters, hurricane windows and glass

h. Outside Contractors license and Certificates of Insurance. Homeowners who elect to obtain ARE request approval before selecting a Contractor should check for Liability and Workers' Compensation insurance coverage before permitting work to begin.

i. Per.manent generator installation-refer to item number ten ( 10). j. Copy of contract-Project pricing is not required.


6. The Homeowner is responsible for obtaining all the necessary permits, approvals and compliance with all applicable codes, rules and regulations.


7. Requests for installation of solar panels for supplementary heating will be automatically approved since they are considered energy conservation devices. Also, requests for a satellite dish will be automatically approved as directed by cuITent Government regulations

Below is the site plan you may need for your project.




        How to get your plot plan

You can look up your survey in the Palm Beach County web site (

You will need the plot number and the lot number and the approximate date. Example: AbredeenPL24 Lot 161 Approx date May 2007, or by e-mailing your request to with the information above


ARB / ARC Rules for Installing A Fence


PRIOR TO INSTALLING A FENCE, you must submit an application for architectural control board review. The Form is available online, under Bristol Lakes. Follow the instructions on the form, and submit your request with the original, and (3) copies, to Ed Katz or Craig Cohen the fence company must submit all requested business information along with a drawing of your property showing where the fence is to be installed. A sample of the fence material, or description of the product should be included.(Chain Linked Fence is NOT permitted) County permits, setback requirements and encroachments, are homeowners responsibility. Homeowners responsible for all permits and meeting all codes that may apply.

I am sure the Company you choose will be very helpful, they do this every day.


Ed Katz ,ARB



This is a Glidden Stucco & Mansonry paint colors

Printed colors are only a guide. You may go to any paint store or brand and get a better idea of the color. All brands are accepted but the colors/hues must be similar to the below for ARC/ARB approval.


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