Approvals needed for modifications of your home and property

Download the ARC/ARB Form below and fill out completely

Where to submit your ARC/ARB request

After filling out the 4 forms (These are the same for the ARB/ARC) and getting the neighbors signature plus all other necessary information described below, please deliver the package to Bristol Lakes ARC Chairs

Edward Katz 7338 Brunswick Circle... e-mail or

Craig Cohen 7254 Brunswick Circle.... e-mail

Application Form For ARB ARC
Revised 2-1-2019
ARC ARB Form Apply.PDF
PDF File [22.0 KB]
Guidelines and requirements for submitting an ARB ARC request
Revised 2-1-2019
Instructions for AEB ARC.PDF
PDF File [206.1 KB]


 This Form (ARC) is for approval of limited jobs that are described below. These can be approved by our Bristol Lakes HOA ARC Committee and need only one (1) copy.


This form must be filled out completely with signatures from your neighbors and The Contractors Proof of insurance and  Florida Business License


For the following, you will only need 1 copy as it can be approved by the Bristol Lakes ARC Committee

  1. Landscaping of individual residencies units and community common areas.
  2. Residential and house numbers.
  3. Mailboxes.
  4. Residential unit outer doors, storm/screen doors, front door screened entrance enclosures.
  5. Placement of satellite dishes not to exceed one meter in diameter including screening landscaping treatment.
  6. Color of paint for residential units, out buildings, recreational facilities and trash can enclosiers.
  7. Driveway surface treatment.
  8. Addition of gutters and leaders. 

All other requests require 4 forms and must be approved by both Bristol Lakes ARC Committee and Architectural Review Board of Aberdeen Property Owners Association

This application (ARC/ARB) is for all other exterior modifications of your home and property and requires 4 copies and needs the approval of both the Bristol Lakes ARC and Aberdeen ARB


You will need the Contractors License and proof of Insurance plus details of the project. ( Plans, specifications, Materials etc. You may also need a Palm Beach County Permit) Your contractor should be able to get the information you will need.


ARB / ARC Rules for Installing A Fence


PRIOR TO INSTALLING A FENCE, you must submit an application for architectural control board review. The Form is available online, under Bristol Lakes. Follow the instructions on the form, and submit your request with the original, and (3) copies, to me or Craig Cohen the fence company must submit all requested business information along with a drawing of your property showing where the fence is to be installed. A sample of the fence material, or description of the product should be included. County permits, setback requirements and encroachments, are homeowners responsibility. Homeowners responsible for all permits and meeting all codes that may apply.

I am sure the Company you choose will be very helpful, they do this every day.


Ed Katz ,ARB



This is a Glidden Stucco & Mansonry paint colors

Printed colors are only a guide. You may go to any paint store or brand and get a better idea of the color. All brands are accepted but the colors/hues must be similar to the below for ARC/ARB approval.


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