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ARC and Bristol Lakes Summary for getting an ARC/ARB Approval


Bristol Lakes Homeowner’s Association Summary of Compliance Rules Updated April 2018


Homeowners are subject to the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Bristol Lakes, a document dated March 31, 1997. Each homeowner receives a copy of this declaration prior to or at closing. This document should be referred to if there are any questions about rights, privileges or responsibilities of homeowners. Homeowners should become familiar with certain responsibilities and use restrictions that are contained within the Declaration. The following entities affect us as homeowners: First and foremost is our own Bristol Lakes HOA. This organization protects the appearance of our community by providing landscaping, irrigation, improved security, street lights and street drains, and establishing specific rules and regulations. The Aberdeen POA involves all the communities and cares for the lake flow, landscaping and maintenance of all common areas outside the individual communities including drainage and signage.


The following summary serves as a quick reference:


  • Owner can be assessed for added landscaping that is costly to maintain by the Bristol Lakes Homeowners Association.
  •  If new landscaped areas are to be added to your yard, permission must be obtained from the Architectural Review Committee of Bristol Lakes. (ARC).
  • Any common area that is damaged by the owner or his guests will be assessed to the owner by Bristol Lakes Homeowners Association.
  • Owners must keep roofs, sidewalks, driveways and outside walls of homes in clean and good condition.
  • Fences and walls must be kept in good condition.
  • Garage doors must be kept closed when not in use

Architectural Review Board (ARB) and Architectural Review Committee (ARC) exist to establish and enforce criteria for the construction of improvements within the Aberdeen Communities. Any improvement, construction, installation, alteration and/or landscaping on the homeowner’s lot or upon the exterior of the home is subject to obtaining written approval from the ARB/ARC.


  • All air conditioners, pool equipment, and garbage cans must be fenced in with walls or landscaping.
  • Business customers may not come to any unit if it is apparent to the neighbors that it is a home business.
  • All zoning ordinances and rules of government agencies must be followed; for example:excessive noise and continuous barking of animals are not allowed.
  • Our Lakes are governed by Environmental Protection, Lakes and Roads, and managed by Campbell Management. Changes or alterations on any lakeside property cannot be made without approval of the Environmental Protection, Lakes & Roads.
  • No swimming or Boating is allowed in our lakes. Fishing is permitted. Catch and release is a prudent idea. Please use the access points to enter the lake. A map with the lake access points marked in red, is located on the website, Residents page


Summary of Compliance Rules Updated April 2018,

  •  Pets must be carried or be on a leash when outside the home or fenced in area. Pets may not be kept outside the home or in a screened or fenced-in area unless someone is present in the home. Owners must clean up when walking their animals. All animals must have a current license. Pit Bull terriers are not permitted without consent from the Board.
  • Flagpoles and satellite dishes locations must be approved by the ARB.
  • Boats and or trailers may not be kept on a property at any time unless kept in the garage.
  • All permanent playground equipment including basketball hoops must be approved by the ARB. No signs of any kind are allowed. (This includes builders and real estate)
  •  Vehicles — No vehicles can be parked on streets overnight.
  • Motorcycles, mopeds, and all-terrain vehicles cannot be used within the development at any time unless licensed by The State of Florida, and a Bristol Lakes Permit.
  • Our Trash Service is provided by Republic Services. If you have questions or problems call the customer service office at 561-478-9590. All household garbage must be disposed of in covered trash cans. Saturday: Garbage and recycling. Place newspapers in your yellow bin. Cans, glass, (foil items no longer accepted) plastic, drink boxes, milk and juice cartons are placed in your blue bin. Household garbage must be in covered trash cans. Do not place trash at curb before 5:00 p.m. the day before pickup. Wednesday: Garbage and vegetation. Vegetation must be cut to 3’ lengths and tied in bundles. Loose vegetation and trimmings must be bagged. Again, household garbage must be in trash cans. Garbage cans, trash, and vegetation may not be put out at the curb before 5 P.M. on the day before a collection. Please keep tree limbs etc. inside or alongside of home until 5pm the day before pickup. Please also place the items on the side away from the mailbox so the Postal Dept. can reach the mailbox
  • FIREWORKS are illegal in Palm Beach County. The BOARD will not be responsible to call the Police, but any individual may report incidents to the Police. For more information you may go to website: http://www.f| Chapter 791 of the Florida Statues.
  • Tailgating is prohibited at the entrance or exit gates. Damage to any part of the gate system is the responsibility of the offender. Cameras are active and monitored.
  • Please observe our community’s 15 MPH speed limit and stop signs. There is to be no overnight parking on our streets, and no parking on the grass or swales. Blocking the sidewalk is also prohibited.
  • Do not feed the wildlife. Doing so leads to many unwanted critters residing on our property.
  • Monthly assessments are due on the first day if each month. Late notices will be sent and fees assessed on the 10th day of the month. Accounts will be submitted for collection and 30-day demand letter for payment will be sent on the 46th day from the due date. Lien will be Placed on the 76th day from the due date. Foreclosure proceedings will be implemented on the 10th day from the due date. LEASE NOTE: All delinquent homeowners are responsible for all late fees, interest and legal or other fees incurred by the association in the collection of the debt. Payments will be applied to late fees and fines before the monthly assessment.
  •  All Golf Carts and Motorized non licensed vehicles must be registered with Bristol Lakes. Registration forms may be obtained on our web site www.bristo|| And the rules governing them are also on the web site at the bottom of the Residents page.

The above regulations are designed to keep our Community one that we can be proud of.







The complete POA Policy: GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING AND REVIEWING ARB/ARC REQUEST can be viewed as a PDF on the Bristol Lakes web site.


1. The Aberdeen POA Architectural Review Board (ARB) and the Bristol Lakes HOA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) exist to establish and enforce criteria for making improvements to existing homes within our community.        Any improvement, or alteration to the exterior of a home, or of a lot, including landscaping, is subject to obtaining written approval from both the ARB and the ARC.

2.  An ARB Form is a request for home additions or for changing your basic home design. Every Bristol Lakes resident who wishes to modify or refurbish the exterior of his home or his grounds, must complete an ARB request (see Form on Page 10 of this booklet). The POA Property Manager, currently Campbell Property Management (561) 432-2703), supplies these forms to our HOA.

3.  An ARB request is first submitted to the Bristol Lakes ARC for review. After review, it is forwarded to the POA-ARB for final determination.

4.  Certain ARB Requests can be acted on solely by the ARC. These include:

a.  Landscaping of individual homes

b.  House numbers

c.  Mailboxes

d.  The home's doors, storm/screen doors, front door screened entrance enclosures

e.  Satellite dish placement, size (max. 3 feet in diameter) and screening shrubbery treatment

f. Paint colors for exteriors, outbuildings, recreational facilities and trash can enclosures

g.  Driveway surfacing treatment

h.   Addition of gutters and leaders


5.   Certain ARB Requests are automatically approved. These include:

a.   Solar panels

b.   Satellite dishes

c.   Hurricane shutters, either accordion or removable panel type. These can be deployed when a Hurricane Watch is announced by the National Weather Service.    Accordions must be opened, and panels removed within 5 days or the following weekend (whichever is longer), after a hurricane passes or a Watch is cancelled. Exception: any exterior addon appurtenance, which, in the opinion of the POA-ARB has the potential of becoming a missile in the event of a hurricane, will not be approved.


6. The POA-ARB meets once a month, on the first Thursday of each month (except July and August), following the POA Board Meetings. It may approve, disapprove, or return the ARB request to the ARC for additional information or clarification. Campbell Property Management will formally notify the applicant and the HOA of the results of the POA-ARB review.


7. In most cases, the POA-ARB will accept the decision of the ARC.  Rarely, an ARC decision may be overridden and disapproved by the POA-ARB.            Homeowners can appeal the disapproval by contacting the President of the POA and requesting an appearance before the POA Advisory Board to present their arguments. The decision of the POA Advisory Board is final.


8. The ABERDEEN POA APPLICATION FOR ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL BOARD RVIEW and the Bristol Lakes HOA ARC are the same form as found on page 10 ofthe Welcome/Referance Book. It can also be downloaded from the Bristol Lakes web site.


In addition to the specific information requested on the Application:


- If the proposed modification regards hurricane shutters, hurricane windows, or glass enclosures, data must be available showing that the product meets or exceeds Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County code requirements.

- If an outside contractor is to perform the work, the license and certificate of insurance should be available, before work begins.

-If the proposed modification regards installing new, or replacing existent screen enclosures, the request must include drawings and specifications which meet the requirements of the Palm Beach County (PBC) Building Department. These requirements are intended to produce a hurricane resistant structure. A PBC Building Permit is required. A final inspection by an Inspector of the PBC Building Department is also required to assure that the construction complies with the engineering design and specifications.

- For any proposed modification, the homeowner is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, and for insuring compliance with all applicable State and County codes, rules and regulations.


9. Permanent Emergency Power Generator Installation.

a. The POA-ARB request must include:

- A survey that has flood zone information on it.

-Installation drawings must show locations of all windows and doors near the generator exhaust. The exhaust must be at least ten (10) feet from those windows and doors, including those in neighboring houses. Garage windows and doors are excluded from the ten foot rule.   Exhaust may not be discharged onto adjacent property.


b. The Generator must use propane fuel, not gasoline. It must be completely enclosed in weather-resistant housing, mounted outdoors on a concrete slab, and securely fastened to resist hurricane force winds. The enclosure must be screened by appropriate shrubbery, and not visible from the street or neighbors homes. The propane storage tank must be buried outdoors and must include provision for periodic monitoring.


c. Typically, a 15 KW permanently installed Emergency Power Generator can provide electricity for lights, TV, refrigerator, and a 3 ton A/C unit. It weighs 1000 lbs. and is  6 feet long x 3 feet wide x 3 1/2 feet high. It usually has an automatic start and automatic load transfer when there is a power failure.


d. Generators must be turned on once a month to ensure proper operation when need ed. FPL must be notified where and when they will be installed, and may inspect the installation to ensure that the emergency power doesn't back feed into the electrical distribution system and endanger FPL employees.   


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