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Our Storm Drains


Bristol Lakes is asking our residents to help in a heavy rain or hurricane. Our streets drain into our lakes so it is important that we keep the street drains clear. We have prepared a map of all the drains in our community and it is posted below. It would be very beneficial if every resident helped to eliminate debris from building up on these drains. Form a team and help Bristol Lakes in a storm. Aberdeen POA has control of our weirs that drain the lake in case of flooding. They will get permission to open the weirs to control the water.

Insurance Phone numbers

American Integrity 866-277-9871
American Strategic (ASI)   866-274-5677

Anchor 844-365-5588
Ark Royal Insurance  727-456-1673
ASI Flood   866-247-5677
Avatar  877-233-3237

Bankers Flood  800-765-9700
Bristol West   800-274-7865
Citizens   866-411-2742

Cypress  888-352-9773

Edison  888-683-7971

Elements (EPIC)  866-709-8749
Federated National   800-293-2532  

Florida Peninsula   877-994-8368

Foremost Insurance  800-274-7865

Foremost Flood  800-527-3907
Frontline  800-675-0145 (non hurricane) 866-673-0623 (hurricane)

Hagerty Insurance  800-922-4050

Hartford  800-243-5860 (auto)  877-805-9918 (AARP members)

Hartford Flood  800-787-5677 

Heritage  855-415-7120
HULL   800-678-4855
Homeowners Choice  866-324-3138
Mercury Insurance  800-503-3724
MetLife Auto   800-854-6011
Mercury Flood  800-759-8656

Modern USA  866-270-8430

Monarch Insurance  (Federated National)  800-293-2532

NFIP Flood 800-767-4341

NFS Flood  800-759-8656
Olympus   866-281-2242
Peoples Trust 877-333-1230
Progressive   800-274-4499
Safeco Insurance 800-332-3226

Safe Point  855-252-4615

Sawgrass  877-853-4336
Security First   877-581-4862
Service Flood   800-759-8656
Southern Fidelity   866-722-4995
Southern Oak   877-900-2280  
The Hartford  800-243-5860

Tower Hill  800-342-3407

Tower Hill Flood 877-254-6819
Travelers Insurance   800-252-4633
United Flood   800-861-4370
United Insurance   888-256-3378
Universal P&C  800-470-0599

Western World Flood  888-847-8600

Wright Flood  800-725-9472


Whoever you use to make temporary repairs please DO NOT sign anything from the contractor resembling an AOB "Assignment of Benefits" as it will transfer your rights to deal with the insurance company to the contractor

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