Iguana Masters (Our Iguana Trapper) will be on our property July 28,29 and 30.

Please let him do his work for our 13 sightings and not bother him.




When we have enough sightings and we can predict the weather will be warm and sunny we will contact the Iguana Company to make a visit

Problem with your Cell Phone not opening the gate?

Recently one of the cellphone manufacturers did an update and everyone that installed that update has this problem. We aren't sure if its for Android phone or Iphone users but the problem is the cell phone. If the resident that has a problem is an Android users they can change the settings on their phone they need to find settings for DTMF tone and make sure it's set to long. If they are an iphone user they need to speak to their provider to see if they can change the settings for them because there are apparently no settings on the actual phone itself for iphones.


Here is the instructions from Sprint

Here are the instructions for an Android Phone

1. Tuirn on your homewi-fi

2. Connect the phone to the wi-fi

3. Move to a strong wi-fi zoneTapp phone

tap keypad if necessary

Type CLEAR# (##25327#)

Tap Call

Tap OK at the Resetting Subscriber setting prompt

Allow the radio to reset





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