Aberdeen Telephone directory is now on the web. You must log in to view it. (Instructions are below). Previously the book was updated each year, now it can be updated immediatly. Follow the directions below.


To get to the phone book login at www.aberdeenpoa.com/poa-directory

If your name comes up in the box on the left, you will need to use a password.

To do this go to www.aberdeenpoa.com/poa-directory/  If you see your e-mail enter your password

If you do not remember your password fill in some letters and it will bring you to a change your password site.  If your name does not come up fill your information in on the box on the left.


If you want to change your phone number go to our website www.bristollakes.com and look for tthe tab to change phone number

Our schools are:

 Crystal Lakes Elementary



Christa McAuliffe Middle 



Park Vista High School 




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